These are typical rates for typical projects with exceptions made for restricted budgets. Chris would rather work on amazing music with a limited budget than horrible music with a huge budget. There are also discounts for EP and album length projects. All mixes are engineered by award-winning mix engineer Chris Carter and are never farmed out to assistants or cheaper engineers/studios. If you are making a commercial release, the Standard Mix is your best option (and the most common type of mix Chris does). Standard and Promo mix rates are for unattended mixing (also known as "remote" or "online" mixing).

• STANDARD MIX: Please e-mail for rate card.
This is the real-deal major label mix job and comprises the bulk of Chris’s day to day business. There is absolutely no difference between a Standard Mix for a major label vs. an indie/unsigned artist other than the price. If you are making a commercial release and/or want your song on the radio, this is absolutely the best option. All mix passes, unlimited revisions (within reason) and single song mastering are included.

• PROMO MIX (mixtapes, beats, etc.): Please e-mail for rate card.
Promo mixes are done at an extremely steep discount off the hourly rate by utilizing leftover unbooked studio time when it becomes available. They are designed for things like mixtapes, demos, and producer beats where the quality and cost of a Standard Mix might be considered ‘overkill’. Promo mixes are done on a time availability basis only. They are typically done in just a couple hours, and include the main mix and a mastered version. Generally speaking, clients requesting a Promo Mix are not interested in revisions. However, if revisions become necessary they will be billed at the normal hourly rate and must be requested within 48 hours of master delivery.

• HOURLY: Hourly rates and tracking rates are available by special arrangement only.

Chris sends invoices via e-mail and uses Paypal for credit/debit card processing. Major labels projects can be billed via PO with prior approval.

Turnaround times:
Standard Mixes are generally done on a first come, first served basis. Please be aware that Chris is always busy so it may take some time to get through the backlog and start your mix. If you need a fast guaranteed turnaround time you will need to order a rush job for an additional fee – it’s not cheap so you are better off planning ahead. Please be aware that rush jobs are not always available depending on circumstances, so again, you are best off by planning ahead. Promo Mixes are done when there is a free moment during scheduling. This is typically during left over bits of time between projects, or when the backlog has cleared.

How to deliver tracks for mixing:
Chris Carter’s Guide to Delivering Multitrack Files for Mixing